Epic Boobs In Bikini Top

By admin, February 12, 2014

This busty teen stretches her bikini top to within an inch of it’s life with an amazing pair of epic tits!



  1. Yesmore says:

    Moe pics plz

  2. Nice pic says:

    Very nice suit, the water looks very refreshing!!!!! Have a great day…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! She looks amazing! I would definitely marry her if I had the chance, She is like perfect! She has nice boobs, very very busty! Grade A soaking wet pussy thats shaved im guessing. and lovely ass but most of all her sweet smile that makes my cock rock hard! I love her smile to death she is perfectly beautiful! I love the way her tits are being concealed by that pink bikini! Her hands also look lovely along with her perfect looking stomach! <3 I wish i could marry this girl. She is the complete package and her bf is the luckiest guy in the world to have Gods perfect creation as his girl. Im done now but really she is fucking fantastic! Have a great day all who read this!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I also forgot to say how nice and perfect her teeth and her eyes look giving me that perfect smile! But God o mighty her sweet blonde hair too with lovely white skin. Her bust is at least F possibly G she looks amazingly gorgeous 100/10 most perfect girl in this universe! I wish she would wrap her lovely arms around me and hug me while i hug her back looking in my eyes inches apart from each others face. She says I want you and I love you. I tell her I love you back and then start to kiss her passionately, next I take off her nice pink bikini top and put it on the ground, I look at her wonderful breasts as i worship them firmly grasping them and kissing them. I then go down a bit and kiss her stomach feeling her whole body with my hands, feeling her perfection. I bite on her black bikini bottom and slowly take it off of her revealing her sweetest prize. Her pussy! I look at her nice shaved perfect pussy. I worship this woman for all she is God. She then gets on her knees and takes off my pants with her teeth revealing my rock hard cock! She says mmm looks big and tasty then i say really? and shes like yea id love to suck you dry! then im like of course! I then lay down letting her lay down on me opposite sides. My cock in her mouth as I taste her sweet pussy. While shes goin at it I lick her insides like noone has ever done before! I hear her moaning my name as she slobs on my dick. I put my whole face down into her sweet skin that is her pussy. I lick verosiously as she deepthroats my cock like no one else can! I put my hands on her head and push down hard as I thrust my cock deep into the back of her throat causing her to moan and gag a bit. I throat fuck her for a bit then I resume to pleasuring her pussy. Shes still swallowing my cock like a pro while im licking away at her pussy. I then grab her head again and thrust one big thrust while maintaining the head bobbing shes doing on my cock. I then cum into her mouth/throat causing an oral creampie. I watch as it flows from her mouth. She sits on my cock putting my still rock hard cock into her warm moist pussy. She kisses me with my cum still in her mouth. We passionately swap my cum as her clit walls cling to my dick. Her pussy is grabbing my cock as i grind in her feeling all her insides. I feel her pussy juice on my cock. Her pussy begs me not to stop but to fuck even harder. Shes riding me as our thrusts meet giving us extreme pleasure. She says I can feel all of your cock in my pussy. I say I can feel my cock all in your pussy and its the best pussy in the world its perfect! She then rides me some more until she starts to cum leaving my cock with pussy juice stains on it. She licks off her juice from my cock. She puts my cock back in her pussy then i fuck her harder than before Im starting to make her pussy red and bruised. She says its fine that im giving her the fucking of a lifetime. We kiss as she lets me grind in her pussy. We fuck for a bit until i start to climax again. This time Im going to give her pussy and internal creampie. My cock unloads all of its semen exploding her insides with my cum. My cock is still in her pussy but its dripping down my cock. I still put it in her quite a few more times making sure i push as much cum as i can inside Gods perfect creation this girl. I truely had a good fantasy about this and I hope you did too whoever read this if it ever gets read. Have a fantastic day

  5. nate ward says:

    I’d like to walk up to her from behind,grope those tits good and hard,lean her over a chair or a table,pull her bikiki bottom to the side ram my hard long dick up in her,thrusting long and deep while i grab and squeeze her juggs madly until i come!!!!!

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